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  • Yeah that's what I was thinking, too. (In ref to Thrall & family). We all know that other major Lore characters die to leave behind their weapons for us. I was hoping fury warriors were going to get one of those.. Oh well. I am also pretty good at Druid, and their forms are pretty cool, too. I really like the bear forms. The resto staff is kinda meh though.
    Yeah I'm not impressed with the weapons that warriors were given. I'm sure they coulda thought of something that was actually featured in WoW Lore instead of just making up the Vrykul crap that we're getting. I'm really intrigued by the Demonology artifact and the fact that it's not a "weapon" but a floating skull.
    I've been a dps Warrior for the last couple expansions, and I will probably stay that way in Legion, unless I decide to pick up the Demon Hunter.
    Yeah I've been in all of those situations with raiding guilds. I'm most looking forward to Mythic dungeons, they seem more my speed now. You can show that you know how to play your class, get good gear, and only have to deal with 4 other people!
    For season 6 I went with crusader to shake things up. I was normally a WD. I have made it to GR69 and have the abominable snowman and the undead unicorn for pets from this season. I am stuck on GR 70 and probably need to do group 70's run to lvl up my gems.


    I started playing when I got a beta key and I like it mostly because I really enjoy the genre. I've been playing league for a while so it wasn't too hard to transition. Mostly what I found quite nice was the lack of items and the fact that the whole team was the same level because this cut out some single player snowball effects in other mobas and also forces you to play more as a team. You also get more teamfights out of this which is fun.

    The blizzard model is sort of f2p but its like hearthstone in the sense that it can be a grind to get all the heroes you would want to play in a truly competitive situation. That said, free rotations were enough for me and I'm slowly building up a pool. I'd love to play a bit more seriously too, especially in team league and maybe even further. I'm still new to fever though so I guess I'll see.

    Besides, I'd like to ask how long you've been a part of fever and how good it is for more serious teams/how easy is it to get involved?


    Anytime, the game has come a very long way since the early days and if you're into MOBA's it would be a disservice to yourself not to take a gander. See you around!
    Indeed I do play HoTS. At present I have logged 1,914 games and love this game. I started in late Alpha and haven't been able to put it down.

    Well actually that is not true, I was invited to the Alpha and played 4 minutes of the tutorial and then stopped (I didn't know about MOBA's and thought it was another RTS which I didn't need in my life at the time). A few months later (Beta) my buddy asked me if I had played it and knew that my PVP addiction in WoW might be satiated by this new HoTS game. So he drug me back into it and that's when the love affair began.

    I have 1 main account with is not F2P but the game most certainly can be. I also have a smurf account that I use occassionally for practice outside of my MMR. It has a healthy rotation of F2P heroes and now days there are quite a few Heroes that are cheap to buy with in game currency.

    As far as Heroes that I play, I own all of them on my main account, but specialize with assasins.

    And as far as Tournies or Events as many of them as I can attend I will be there. I am entertaining the idea of starting a Chair League team some time soon and will probably post on here to get support or members.

    Thank you for the warm welcome and if I see you in the Nexus, we should team up and I can try to show you around. The game is a solid game so I recommend that if it's taking up HD space you may want to take it for another spin.
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