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  • I have a Yogg-Mage that I just play for fun (it is meant to just play as many spells as it can and get yogg, while maintaining board control) It does not win often enough to help climb the ladder.
    I used to play TF2 a bit and I now main Lucio in Overwatch. I would suggest buying Overwatch and I also thank you for asking.
    Hello Masirus :) I have been playing since October 15, I enjoy the Standard/Wild format currently since I came in so late and lacked many key cards prior to that, I am messing around with an Aggro Shammy, Cthun'id, and Zoo Druid for Standard, and a Secret Pally deck I pulled from IcyVeins for Wild format. I have struggled to get past 19 in standard atm (still not sure why) and rank 16 in Wild. Arena is something else I am trying to get better at with 3 wins being my best so far :(
    Hey Masirus,
    Thanks for the welcome bud, I'm currently rolling a monk and I've managed to do GR75 solo and GR89 in two man, currently hunting for that rainbow portrait and the wings :D

    Cheers again,
    Hello Masirus, thank you for the welcome. I am playing a DH in Season 6, first time i have played one in a few years. I have tried several sets, but have settled on UE for now. I am actually in about the same place, my highest is 65 in group and solo is 60. I have 2 pets so far, the teddy bear, and something else, can't remember, lol. Hope to see you in game.
    I actually haven't started yet this season. I'm a slacker! I really need to get on that though so I can get the stash tab. What's a fun class this season? (Besides what you're playing obviously) I played monk last season and witch doctor the season before that. How much longer is left for this season?
    Yeah I am a huge Diablo fan since DII. I played Diablo 1 but our computer couldn't run it well when I was Little. I decided off the bat to commit to crusader. I have hit GR70 but survivability becomes an issue. I ended up making a ZDPS barb for higher group play. I recently made a Wizard and hit 93 solo. My season has been going. I hit para 1000 so and beat my seasonal journey so that's a good bench, its good to set achievable goals lol.
    Hiya Masirus and thank you for the welcome.

    I've been maining as a Crusader for the last few seasons now and have been loving it. This season I haven't played as much as I've been playing more HotS and Overwatch now that it's out. I've managed to push Grift 55 with a basic speed thorns Akkhans build along with Norvalds Fervor, but I feel that I've hit my limit with that build around there.

    As for vanity items I've managed to find the Falcon wings along with the starcraft helm and pauldrons. I also found a pet called Stomach who looks like a mini version of the poison boss in act 3 (I forget his name, he's in the forgotten keep iirc)

    I've been having a look around the forums and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of people and wealth of information around. Definitely do not regret my decision to join Fever!

    Thanks again for the welcome.
    - Kusk
    Hey Masirus,

    I appreciate the warm welcome and interest in my gaming habits/interests. As for D3 and this current season, I decided to initially give the Wizard a shot. I normally go a face agro character like a barb, but I decided to check out the boat loads of damage that ranged characters normally possess. Unfortunately, I am quite indecisive, so I jump from character to character until I find my grove, which is currently my issue with gearing, but nonetheless I enjoy the game and that is what we are here for, right? Congratulations on clearing a 65, I have yet to attempt any higher solo rifts but am almost to that point. As for the pets and wings, I have both but my favorite pet has to be my yeti. I guess that is about all up to this point, so once again, I appreciate the message and hope to game with you soon!

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