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  • Hi Masirus!

    I like the game overall. I would say I've had more positive experiences than negative. I love the maps and skills of each hero and how different everyone feels. My personal favorite hero is D.Va. I used to play CS 1.6 and Source a lot. I started playing at the tail end of 1.5. Since then I've stuck to MMO's (Lineage 2, WoW, and Aion) and Diablo 3 (which i play when there is a new season)

    I'd like to play in tournaments. I can be a very competitive and I love winning :D I'm just not that great though. :D

    Thanks for the welcome.
    I used to play Wow a lot my main class was a hunter and my spec was MM. I have for i think all the bosses in the raids of Draenor. I like to PvP also but not as much as raiding. i have not played since 6.0.2 but I am soon thinking of renewing for legion :). Thanks for the welcome!
    Overwatch plays like a more modern TF2 with a bigger class mix. There are tons of things that are directly comparable class wise, but TF2 shows its age. Have you played that?
    Thanks for the welcome Masirus I started playing about a 1 and a half ago around when bleak rock came out. I stopped playing after old gods due to half of my decks being wiped from standard play. I want to get back into the game so I was wondering if you and other Fever Hearthstone players would help me with that. Thanks again again and msg if you are willing to help get a few decks set-up.
    Hey there, Masirus! Thanks for welcoming me. Yes, I do play Overwatch. It's a blast. I've had frustrating experiences before since most of the people I used to game with didn't play or don't sign online as often as they used to with our other games, so I've been queuing up alone for the most part. My personal favorite was Bastion, might still be. Maybe not anymore since I've been trying to branch out and play other heroes. I've also played Fallout (if you can consider that a shooter) and The Division on the XB1. I'd love to play in tournaments, though I'm usually a pretty busy person and find most of my game time late at night.

    Thanks for welcoming me again, I look forward to gaming with ya!
    Actually I just got Diablo about two weeks ago, I did start immediately on season 6 and completed the season journey, but I have accepted that this season I will not be making it too far. around GR 24 or so? I haven't been pushing it too far.

    I know it is counter productive but I am mostly going for finding smaller secrets (whimseyland or whatever, lore) / learning the small bits of fast farming/meta and what have you. awaiting my approval for Clan 1, hope to see you out there!
    Dear Masirus,

    Thank you for the warm welcome :)

    This will be the first season I've taken part in and I am playing a Barbarian. Up until now I've only had a non-seasonal wizard at paragon 174. So I have plenty to learn about the game yet. So far I've been liking the seasonal experience. I'm almost done all the chapter objectives.

    Way to go on the DH and GR 65! I hope to get that far someday.
    Hope to see you in Teamspeak sometime and maybe play together!

    Hey Masirus, thanks for the welcome. Season 6 of diablo has been put to the wayside since overwatch came out. But I rolled a monk. Only got to lvl 60ish. In the summer months I don't grind as much, real life stuff interrupts game time, so mostly rainy days or little bits here or there. Been doing overwatch with some |fever| members and I've had a great time so far. Looking forward to the tournament on Sunday they have going on. Supposed to be rainy here sooooo GAME ON
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