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  • Hi there, thank you for the warm welcome! I have been playing Hearthstone for about a year and a half. I play ALOT of decks, whatever is working at the moment really, but my best Hero is hunter by far. I got my 500th win a Golden hunter today with a hybrid hunter deck that has been working lately. My highest rank is 4, gotten it a couple times, tho never legend :( Currently I am rank 8 and I'm really hoping this might be my month to finally hit legend as i'm not usually this close till the end of the month, lol. Feel free to add me xaretnapx#1360 NA I would love to hear about the decks you play and you perspectives on the meta!
    hi and thank you, this season i play WD but i been trying to make other classes. and my goal will be trying to the get higher then last season but its not going that and i havent been trying to go hunt for them yet
    I really enjoy the game I bounce back and forth between that and H1Z1 and nah never bought a hero all purchased with my time and hard work gaming <--- No Lyfe +1
    Hey Masirus! I actually haven't played WoW for very long, really only two-three weeks of REALLY playing it. I just recently resubbed. So far I really enjoy Warlock and Death Knight. I don't have access to Demon Hunter, and probably won't for a while. I've put down league to play it, and really am loving it so far. I feel as though I'll be playing it a lot from now on.

    Thank-you for the welcome :)
    Thanks for the welcome. I've enjoyed my time so far in the community, from all these greetings.
    I really like Overwatch, played it for most of my free time now. I love playing McCree, even played him the most in the beta, dunno why really, maybe it's because I like his cowboy personality.
    Some other shooters I've played and still play today is Rainbow Six Siege, always wanted an competitive fps game, but I didn't like cs:go that much. I do look forward to playing in an Overwatch tournament, maybe League, but I'm not sure if there's a team here in fever and whether or not I can join.
    Overwatch is fantastic, like an updated version of TF2. I haven't really had bad experiences with it yet, only bad players. It's Blizzard polished and the classic easy to pick up hard to master.

    My personal favorite hero is Lucio just due to him being stupid OP.

    As for FPS, I don't play them much anymore, I'm more of a MOBA fan. I used to be big into Halo 2-3 (ODST also) and Unreal Tournament, though my first love was the original Quake.

    I usually don't have time for tournaments as I work upwards of 50-60 hours a week and I have a family that I want to spend time with. If I ever get the chance I'd love to join a tournament, gaming's always better with friends.
    Overwatch is an extremely fun game, better to play with friends due to the team aspect but still good by yourself (although I wouldn't recommend competitive without at least one other person). My hero is Genji, I've dedicated my Overwatch to mastering him, I did try other heros during the beta but once the reset hit I have kept my record mostly clean, 9 minutes is in other heros though due to all-same-hero teams, (5 reinhart, 4 lucio). I've played plenty of shooters, including CS: GO, CS: S, Halo (Up until Reach), and others. I haven't done too many tournaments but I've always been interested to try. Thanks for the welcome.
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