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  • Hope you were able to have a good Christmas,and get some time to relax around fever in the first couple of days.Though i did notice you were able to post on the forums a bit which is nice. It can be something engaging to do ,and get to know fellows players by sharing the battle tag.
    Since timing on ts can be all over for the various members we have playing.
    Hello MadFapper and welcome to fever clan! My name is deranged drew and I have seen you around already in the Diablo 3 welcome section so I'm here to give you an extended welcome to the fever family as I hope everyone else does too :) So how long have you been playing Diablo 3? What's your highest Greater rift ascension? I hope you've met our Diablo 3 community their very nice and friendly and will get you set up in the clan in no time... well i'll stop talking now and let you on to gaming hope you have a good time and once again a warm welcome to the fever family!
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