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  • Yeah I played a LOT of D2, from near launch until nearly patch 1.10... probably thousands of hours. I played a little PoE beta here and there, and I've heard good things about Marvel Heroes. I might have to give it a try sometime. Right now though I'm stuck on D3. It's a lot of fun and I think they've made a LOT of improvements since its launch. I'm hoping they don't go to far though and tank it into the ground. If you every decide to give D3 a try be sure to look me up and I'll help get you started.

    Greetings lostryu!

    Great to have you in |Fever|! I've only been in |Fever| a short time but I LOVE it. I saw in your application that you play Smite, LoL and FF, which is cool because |Fever| has a strong playerbase for that and several other games. My main game is Diablo 3 and I've already met a lot of people that I play with nearly every night. Head over to the forums because posting is a great way to get to know people better, help us to get you know you better and to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan.

    I'm online most nights, but in the Diablo 3 channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to PM me or catch me on TS if you need anything or have any questions. Hope to see you around! Laters!

    Hello there lostryu! Its a pleasure to see another face in Fever, you all come like flies! I noticed that you play Rocket League and SMITE. Both games I do play a lot. What's your favourite role in SMITE and what's your favourite god to play? I certainly do like Neith at the moment. What level are you in Rocket League as well? I'm 22 at the moment which is pro, I'm sure you're aware of that. Anyway in SMITE I do enjoy to play Arena and Joust, a little Conquest now and again. What's your favourite gamemode? Anyway its nice to see another face in the Fever Community, hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you have a good day!
    Hey lostryu! Pleased to meet you! :)
    I see you play quite a few different games that I play as well. I actively play League of Legends and Smite, and used to play Trove, and I'm slowly getting into Rocket League as well. Do you have a favourite? If so, which one would you say is your favourite? :)
    In Smite, I enjoy playing Arena, Joust, and Siege most. Do you have a favourite gamemode/God/role? :) And with League? I prefer to play Janna, Thresh and really any supports. I even bought Tahm Kench recently, but I'm not that good on him. ^^
    If you ever find yourself wanting to chat, feel free to approach me on Teamspeak or through forums. I'm always open to conversation, and love making new friends! :)
    I hope to hear from you soon! Have a great time in Fever, and a wonderful day! :)
    Hey lostryu!

    Welcome to FeverClan! Glad to see you here and hope to see you around some time. There are defiantly some League of Legends and SMITE players here and Im sure if you hop into a team speak room you will have some great games, head over to the league of Legends or the SMITE forum and get chatting with some like minded gamers!

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    I hope this info helps out; any questions just give a shout. Enjoy your stay!

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