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  • @SimplyPam Thank you! I enjoy this gaming community as everyone that's part of it cares about it, volunteers their time, and has fun! I am currently on a Hearthstone binge with my back up game being League of Legends.

    @Ncola Thank you! For now it's Hearthstone and League of Legends.
    First Sergeant Exinur congrats on the one year award! Keep up the good work! What game do you play most currently?
    He who shall not be named...I want to say CONGRATS on being active on Fever for 525 948.766 minutes. Yes, that's how many minutes are in a year and so you get the Veterancy Silver award. *cheers* What has kept you on Fever all this time? Have an awesome day! :cupcake:
    @Caity - Thank you so much!

    @cateyez - I like Fever Clan because of the people that volunteer their time to run this gaming community, and for the well developed forum that said people have created over time, and for being able to hop into Teamspeak and play games with other members or just to say Hi!

    @Luzian - Thank you so much!

    @Ocean - Why thank you. I'll try!

    @Daddy - The most hilarious thing that ever happened to me while with Fever clan would be when someone responded to one of my "The choice" posts with "You terrify me". I couldn't stop laughing!!
    Oh Joker you trick us all once again. Congratulations on the Vet Award, your dedication is real! What's the most hilarious thing that happened to you during your stay?
    Wow!!! 1 year, congrats! Hope you have enjoy ever moment here and enjoy more moments with us!

    congrats on your Veterancy Silver award! It is awesome to see people in the clan for that long and hopefully you will stay for much longer. What makes you stay with Fever Clan? May the odds ever be in your favor
    We appreciate that you've been here for a year. =) Congratulations on being a member for so long and earning you Veterancy Silver award!
    Thank you everyone who visits and participates in the Bar of Fuck all. It is you who helps to keep that forum channel active. We could not do it without you!
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