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  • Hey sweetheart, I really did mean it if you need someone to lend an ear <3 Chin up and we are all wishing for the best for you!
    Yeah, there has been a few over the time ive been a member, I originally joined in 2009, and have not left since, the others however did not seem to stick around as long as i have.

    Yeah im from Welly, never left.

    Anyway enjoy the clan while your here, there is heaps to do, lots of people to get to know, and if you are lucky enough you may become an officer (if that is your desire)

    Again, Welcome to the clan, and if there is anything you need, just let me know
    Welcome to the clan LilyUnsub, As a welcome committee member i want to try and integrate you into fever
    Im kesem, Been in fever for about half a year and i usually play most everything and chill in TS all day :p
    What ever type of game you play let me know and we might be able to play sometime!
    Enjoy your stay in our wonderfull gaming community ;)
    Welcome to Fever, LilyUnsub! What do you create for Art? Glad to have you in the clan, if you have any questions about anything, anything at all post on my wall, send me a IM, PM, or find me on Teamspeak.

    Fox ~
    Welcome to the clan homie! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either via PM or just finding me on TS. I'd love to help you out.

    Tell us more about you in the Introduction Section and Enjoy your stay!

    - Epic :cool:
    Hello there and welcome to the clan, LilyUnsub! I'm glad you decided to join us ^^
    Any questions you might have, I can either answer them or help you find an answer. Just don't be afraid to ask :D

    Now, my question for you is which of the following game genres do you play?:
    Shooter Games, MOBAs, RPGs or RTS. Whichever may be, you can have a look at our forums over there :)

    However, I'm guessing you would want to introduce yourself first and you can do so right here in this little sub forum - Introductions

    Here is the members discussion if you ever feel like sharing something with us. In the entertainment section you can share your favorite videos/photos or maybe you have a favorite tv show or movie you want to talk about :D

    Some other possibly useful links for you:About ranks and Promotions, Support, Competition central and Open discussion.

    If you ever feel like being social, here are our SNS (social network sites):

    Facebook page
    Youtube page
    Twitter page

    And here it ends with my welcome message, I hope you'll find at least one useful thing here. Also, feel free to join me on teamspeak whenever ^^
    Welcome to the clan again and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. <3

    -Jessica Rae
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