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  • Well, I hope you feel better. I'm sure your grandmother appreciates the feelings, and that she'd feel better if you weren't too-too upset.
    Will you marry me?
    Dude, kidding. But dude. Holy crap.
    I was part of MangaFox's forums for a LONG time, and I was so active in RPing, though I stopped cause Freshman year of high school was a really busy time.

    Yeah, I'm completely well-versed in how the threads were set up, I was just wondering if there was anything different on how people organized it.

    Well, I'd like to openly state that I really miss those days, and please feel free to let me know of a RP that you'd like me to participate in.

    That really sucks. Are you busy with school/work?
    Hey there, I'm TwitchPhD, a fresh clan recruit.

    I couldn't help but notice a thread you made in the Forum Games called "Feverion - A Story by US!" I couldn't help getting a bit interested in the topic, though I was confused at what the purpose is, or what someone's supposed to even do ;~;

    Do you mind telling me like, it's supposed to be? I mean, I understand that it's all based on interactions and progress by the participator's imagination, but I'd still want to know from the person who made the thread.
    Hi there! Just read your recent blog. I understand how you feel. I'm here (and I'm sure there are others in the clan) who, if you need someone to listen or vent out to, you can. :)
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