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  • Well in that case, we're glad to have you back! It's always nice not being judged for your favorite hobbies! :)
    Welcome to the clan, KittyMuncher!!

    I'm new to the clan as well and everyone has been incredibly welcoming to me so far. What made you look for a gaming community to join and how did you stumble into Fever?

    I haven't actually played any of the games you listed in your application (I've never been good at FPS!). I am looking to start branching out though so maybe we'll have a common game in the future. :)

    Also, it looks like some other members have already mentioned it, but regardless, if you ever have questions please don't hesitate to send me a private message or find me on TeamSpeak.

    Again, we're thrilled you have chosen to join Fever and I'm sure I'll see you around soon!
    Hey KittyMuncher! I see you're a registered nurse, I'm graduating this year and will be going to college to become a registered nurse. What do you like about your job, if you don't mind me asking? :) Also I see you play Smite, I myself have never played. Has this always been your main game? Anyways, welcome to fever let me know if you need anything!
    Hello, KittyMuncher! My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. I'm glad you decided to join. I love your name by the way! I already told you that during our brief interaction on Teamspeak. Anyways, as I was going through your application, I saw that you play Smite. Do you have a favorite God? What do you like or dislike about the game? I have never played Smite; however, I have been told it's fun. Maybe one day I will play it. I hope to see you on teamspeak again.
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or ask me on teamspeak if I'm on. See you around!

    had so much fun in our games on LoL last night! <3
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