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  • Hey old friend nice to see you again. I am back and getting reassignment. I am on my 2 week out of 3 for it. We need to play some DayZ again sometime. Catch me in teamspeak. ^.^
    Congrats on your promotion to Gunnery Sergeant. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Congrats on your promotion to Staff Sergeant. Your work and efforts have a positive affect on Fever. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Welcome to the Fever Clan!!! This clan is so fun and has some awesome players in every genre of each game. If you ever need any questions or help with anything PM me on the forums or talk to me on TS. I will do everything to the best of my ability to answer and help you with those questions you may have. So have fun with the forums and gaming with us all and take at some of the links I posted below.

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLAN FACEBOOK PAGE >>>>>>

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLANGAMING YOUTUBE PAGE >>>>>>

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLAN TWITTER PAGE >>>>>>
    Welcome to Fever! Many others, like myself have made tons of friends and have had a great gaming experience! If you have any questions feel free to PM me on the forums!

    We Don't just play games here. We keep up with the news of the real world, Entertainment/Sports, Creation of Graphics, and also provide Support for various things! Check out these forums!
    ◊News & Media Section◊
    ◊Support Section◊
    ◊Entertainment Section◊
    ◊Graphics Central◊

    We have many things going on as you check out these sections of the activities we frequently have. Check out the Events Calendar To see upcoming events!

    Have anything you want to say non-game related? Talk to us in either the Open Discussion Or Members Discussion and tell us whats on your mind!

    And again, Welcome to Fever! Tell us about yourself in the Introduction Section We would love to hear more about you!

    -Epic :cool:
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