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  • Yeah time is a big issue :(
    But, yeah, I think you'd find that WoW has changed quite a bit and with the new patch coming up, it has quite a bit of anticipation.
    You watch Hawaii Five-O? I got rid of my cable so I can't keep up with it anymore unless what's on Netflix.
    WoW is pretty much my main game, though I do play others like D3 etc...
    I am not a musician unfortunately.. and my singing is pretty bad but it's always good for laughs at karaoke :)
    I am addicted to DS9 now.. Well worth watching the entire series!
    ello kealist and welcome to fever i am ef wrath, it is a pleasure to meet you! nice picture btw very frightening =P i see you play hots thats awsome i have never played it before im a smite player i like that 3rd person veiw ya know, is hots worth the downlaod for new players or is it more of an elite moba game?

    I am not a huge star trek fan, but have enjoyed some of it. Watched a lot of NG. Similar in pronunciation to "realist" I guess.

    Music-wise: mostly rock stuff. Mostly on pandora these days though. Right now listening to Carla Bruni station. The park idea is definitely a good one :) I haven't been doing that--will try.
    "Kee-ah-list" Gotcha! Moving our convo from introduction section here to your profile~

    I LOVE STNG! I have a thing for Picard. It truly is the best series... but right now am enjoying DS9 on Netflix.
    Do you have a youtube channel?
    Never listened to Carla Bruni, but I'll give her a listen! Let me know how the park idea works out. I bet you would be a big hit for gatherings.
    Hey kealist welcome to Fever! Always good to have more HotS players in the division. I like to play support like Rehgar and Mallf, and I also like Valla, TLV, and ETC. If you ever want to play, my Bnet tag is BaumDeezy#1953. I am always down to play if you see me online.

    I hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with Fever. If you ever need anything or want to play, don’t hesitate to send me a PM. One of Fever’s core values to me is community, so feel comfortable to browse the different sections and hop into different TS channels and just say hello! The LFG channels work really well for finding teammates.

    Welcome again and see you in game,

    PS- I have to mention that on Mondays at 8 PM EST, I host a Hearthstone game night for Fever! This is a great place to meet new people and have a good time with other members. By participating regularly, you will also earn a Fever Award! I hope that you can make it, the game night channels are towards the top of TS.
    Welcome to Fever! OHHH a HotS pleayer you have already got my interest! We have many people who play Heroes here and I as an officer in Hots would like to also mention we have NA games night on a wendsay and EU games night on fridays. If you have any questions regarding anything please do not hesitate to ask me. What do you like about heroes of the storm? What is your favorite map? Drop into my Ts channel sometime and we can chat some more!
    Welcome to Fever my friend!! Glad to see another HOTS player come to us!! Our player base has risen dramatically in the last month or so! I play HOTS off and on but I love MOBA's. My main game is SMITE. But feel free to add my battletag in HOTS its Turt#1511. Feel free to PM me or find me on TS if you have questions!! Glad to have ya!!

    PS: Remember to check the forums for HOTS Game Nights and Fever Events!!!
    Hey Joshua, welcome to Fever Clan! I read your introduction, and would love to join you in a duel in HS. The reason is that I'm just starting to get back into the game, and that's not always easy given all the changes that probably have come out since I last played. We can learn the tricks-of-the-trade together if you like!

    This is a great community for all gamer levels, whether you're a hardcore gamer or casual gamer, I've found that the clan is very supportive of all playing levels, playing types, and playing times (as in how often you play). Be sure to check out another benefit we have here at Fever - our Forum. There are some good threads on the games you play, and you'll also be able to find good topics like FOOD! Check out the forum I moderate - Fitness (under Health and Fitness). Shameless plug, but I really like seeing different perspectives, and what you mentioned about being with someone that eats different things loans itself to a good thread in Fitness (IMHO) :).

    If you have questions as you settle-in here or need anything, please reach out. I'll be happy to help as much as I can!
    Welcome again Joshua :)
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