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  • I'll never forget that name! The lore makes me think of all the egyptian and sandy champs like renekton, nasus, casseopia, and azir. Not to mention all those new skins. Once again very glad to have you Kas! Hope to see you around.
    Welcome to Fever KaSekhem!!! I see you play lol who is your favorite champion? being that you joined Fever I am sure you know our lol sections is HUGE!!! I hope you enjoy your time here in fever and if you have any questions or just need a friend feel free to message me at anytime!!!!
    Hey there! Welcome to our gaming community, I'm Sns pleasure to meet you.

    As you are new to the clan i thought i'd take the time to welcome you but also give you some information about our clan! I Joined not so long ago and i loved that i had such a warm welcome and hopefully you will feel the same! I ended up getting some Fever Jobs to help around the clan and even then people where still so welcoming to the teams! Sorry im rambling a bit lets get to the interesting part.

    Well, firsts things first I myself am always willing to answer any questions you may feel you need to ask, I am always active on our teamspeak server with many others who are willing to help also. You can join our teamspeak server here: ts.feverclan.com

    Introductions are a good place to show who you are, games you play, Interests and much more that will help people get to know you and help you make friends here the introduction threads can be found by following this link: Introductions

    At this point your thinking ''What am i doing all this for? I came here to play games with people''. Well you sure did, There are multiple game sections within Fever and we have and i mean a lot of different games which are covered for everyone's pleasure Below are some links to some of the sections we have here:

    - Shooter
    - MOBA
    - RPG
    - RTS
    - Strategy
    - Misc Games

    I mention before about being able to get a jobs within Fever. Its not a mandatory thing, If you like helping out others, hosting game nights and creating content that is just a small few things that you can do within the Fever community. You can find the current Jobs in Fever at this link: Fever Jobs

    Here at Fever we also have competitions there is nothing like a good old competition to perk up peoples interests. Competitions can be anything from a giveaway via games night or a in house tournament for any game we have here. Did that spark some interest? If it did follow this link :) : Competition Central

    During your time at Fever you will gain promotions, As you can see your rank is Private. This is the starting point of all our members. Promotions can be gained by simple things like just being active in the forums. For a more detailed set of information on our promotion and rank system just follow this link: Fever Ranks

    Fever has its very own currency which can be spent in the Fever Clan store. There are many things they can be spent on including auctions for games, changing peoples name and many more things. This currency can be acquired by keeping active with posting in the forum, Rank ups and taking part in games night. For more information and details about Fever coins please check this link out: Fever Coins

    Do you like social media? or is that a silly question most of us do right? Fever has many social media outlets you can be apart of following any of our social media will reward you with some extra Fever coins. Personally i don't use social media that much but it has its uses check these out if you would like to:
    - Twitter
    - Youtube
    - Facebook
    - Steam

    Well, that's everything i think.. Welcome to Fever once again, I hope you will enjoy this clan like I myself.
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