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  • Thanks for doing well on the greetings team . not sure if anyone says it to you,but you do an awesome job.

    No. Not like Paragons. In Paragon you buy items that inhance your stats, in Paladins you buy cards which improve your abilities. For example: Cassie, a hunter like, has a roll out, where she rolls in a certain direction. You can buy cards that after she rolls and she hits someone with the first auto attack, the cooldown resets. Etc. etc.

    I saw you're message on my profile and i thought i'd answer to you!

    In my opinion Paladins is definitly wort a try. It's got alot of potential to be a great game, and i believe it will get there. It can compete with Overwatch for sure, since its alot more fast paced. Also they have card decks, so you need to build your own unique lineup. That way skill comes into play at higher levels. This also allows different ways to go with a certain Champion. Its definitly worth a try, feel free to hit me up or invite me to play a couple of rounds with you!

    My ingame name is: Princ3iples

    Have a good one!
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