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  • Hi JSTFY. Thank you for the welcome message. I haven't played Smite in a while, but Neith used to be one of my favorite gods also. I liked playing ADC and Solo. Perhaps we can play sometime soon.
    I'm still fairly newish to Diablo 3, though it is my favorite game of the ones I play currently and I am definitely getting more into it. I had a seasonal char when the first season started, a crusader, but only got it to maybe 70 something paragon levels or so. I haven't played much since then, but currently have a seasonal Demon Hunter on Master and another seasonal Crusader now on Toment 1. As far as Call of Duty, I made sure to get the WaW maps on Black Ops along with all the other maps. I mostly play that one, since I no longer have Black Ops 2. I do look to hopefully get it again soon though, and will be waiting for Black Ops 3 for zombies as well. I'm not opposed to online play, just never really cared for it much. I'm sure if I have someone to play with, like you for example, I'd be able to get more into the idea of it and go competitive as well. Thanks for messaging, I'll definitely be looking forward to playing with you and interacting more within the clan. I hope you're having fun. ^-^
    Hey JSTFY, I have been extremely busy lately and havent had a chance to welcome all the new members to fever. Hope you have fun in the clan. Its great that you have ranked up already! If you have any questions or if you want to play a game sometime, hit me up with a pm or join me on teamspeak. See you around!
    Greetings JSTFY!

    Great to have you in |Fever|! Hopefully you've settled in and found what you're looking for in a clan. I saw on your application that you were looking for a clan where you can chill on TS and just have fun with mature people. I've only been in |Fever| a short time but I LOVE it. I was looking for a thriving, mature community based on respect where I could meet lots of people that love gaming like I do, and I found it here. I hope you find the same!

    I know Smite and LoL both have a pretty good playerbase; I hope you've connected with people to play with and get to know better. I see you've posted a couple threads already; staying active on the forums a great way to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan.

    I'm online most nights but I'll be in the Diablo 3 channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to PM me or catch me on TS if you need anything or have any questions. Hope to see you around! Laters!

    Hey JSTFY!

    Welcome to FeverClan! Glad to see you here and hope to see you around some time. There are defiantly some League of Legends and SMITE players here and Im sure if you hop into a team speak room you will have some great games, head over to the SMITE or League of Legends forum and get chatting with some like minded gamers!

    Here are some useful links to check out!

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    I hope this info helps out, any questions just give a shout. Enjoy your stay!

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