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  • Jollibee! Recruiting people has given you a rank up.. Sergeant now, huh?! Congrats :cupcake: What do you love most about bringing new people to Fever? :ghost: Remember to change your rank on TeamSpeak!
    congrats on your promotion to Sergeant! Great job recruiting and keep to up. What is your favorite thing about Fever Clan? May the odds ever be in your favor
    Hello and Welcome to the Fever Family! I’m Leo. If you have any questions, or if you just want to chat, pm me at any time!
    Welcome to the Fever family mate! I'm here to help you and be your first friend in Fever, so if you need help or want to play a game or just chill find me on TeamSpeak or send me a PM I'm on 24/7! I'm now going to show you some of our popular forums that people often post and visit. But first i'm going to show you our ranking system where to can get a guide on how to rank up faster in an easy way also get to know the ranks. You should consider making an introduction about yourself and get others to know you better. The bottom are some of our popular forums where people usually post and make new threads you should check it out! :)

    Forum Main Games Section
    Shooter Games
    Strategy Games
    Miscellaneous Games
    Competition Central

    You should consider checking out those sections and getting to know them better. :)

    Also incase you don't know we have something called Fever Coins if you have enough you can participate in auctions and win Steam Games and create your own TeamSpeak channel! If you're not on your computer and want to check the forums you can download Tapatalk you could use that to explore Fever Forums on your phone instead of using Internet Explorer and having to wait a long time for the website to load. Also if you want to help Fever grow and get more members be sure to check out some of our jobs, its also a great way to rank up! Last thing you should check out and leave a like on some of our social links! :D

    Social Media Links
    Steam Community
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