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  • welcome welcome jjrock395! very happy you decided to join fever =D im ef wrath nice to meet you. what kinda gods/roles do you play on smite? do you play offen? anyways if you have any questions or wanna talk lemme know =D have a good one.
    Ill go on and accept it real quick, I like to play Kuk, Ullr, and Ares mainly
    Welcome to fever my friend!! My main game is currently SMITE as well. Feel free to add my IGN @ Turtt. I am a silver ranked player and I continue to get better! Feel free to ask me any questions or find me on TS!! Glad to have you bud!

    Yo! welcome to Fever JJrock1395 (anything to do with trailer park boys or coincidence? :)), Smite is growing quick in our community im sure you'll have no problem finding some fellow clan members to play with. Swing by the forums, and if theres anything you need just send me PM. :)
    Welcome to fever JJRock!!! Cant wait to catch you on TS. I know the smite community here is growing, we should definitely get some games in! I will keep an eye out for ya!
    Haii there! welcome to our community! Glad to see you have joined us! I hope you will enjoy being part of the clan as much as I do. Pssst....I think you should play Heroes of the storm... Instead of Smite :D it's a much better game ;). Don't worry I jest, we have many people who like to play Smite so you shouldn't have much trouble fitting straight in. If you have any questions about the clan or need help please do not hesitate to ask. I am always available on teamspeak when I am connected.
    Hello and welcome to Fever, a Fellow Smite player. I love seeing new members join in the Smite section. What god do you like to play most? do you prefer ADC, Support, Jungler? what do you play? I like to play Kuk or Ares most of the time. Kuk is definitely my main though. I hope to see you in game soon. Feel free to add me my IGN is Jokerlolz.
    Hello JJrock1395 Welcome To Fever

    I am EF and I will be your guide. If you would like any information, need help, or just want a friend please do not hesitate to message me. ^.^

    Now that you've joined Fever, I'm sure you are trying to figure out what you should do next. My suggestion would be to post a message for others to get to know you!
    Introduction forums

    After you start getting your name around and you're having fun I bet you would like to know we have a reward system in place in fever. That's right, not only do you get to have fun but you get rewarded for it too! I'm sure your application officer went over it a little bit but here is more info:

    Now that I have piqued your interest in that reward system I guess by this point you have realized everyone has a rank well here is a list of all those ranks and what they mean:

    One great way to get both rank and coins is to join a job ^.^. The jobs are really easy and just something that goes along with your daily gaming. If this interests you this link is for you! :

    By the way if you would like to access this forum from your phone we even have a tapatalk. here is the link to that:

    It really is a privilege to have you join our community! You can trust me when i tell you that you will not regret your decision joining us! This is your family now, so don't hesitate to talk to anyone, because everyone is happy to have you around! I cant wait to see you around Teamspeak and on the forums!
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