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    I'll be on vacation for a bit the next few weeks, I need a break from d3. Need to relax and enjoy some time away, I've been bored of the season , and wanting to spend some family time while on vacation, thanks for the understanding, and have a lovely next few weeks ^^
    Hey jbo, back posting on your page again :)

    I went through OIT and picked your platoon to join and help out with... so no D3 runs yet together but now you'll have to put up with me for platoon work DOH! :)

    Looking forward to working with you! I'll touch base soon and maybe we can discuss what would work best for sharing while I learn the ropes.

    -Noble :)
    NICE JOB!! Congrats on officer!!!
    Hey jbo - I have yet to get into D3 for some runs with you, but I've seen the work you've been putting in for our D3 forum. Glad to see you being recognized for your efforts!
    Gratz on your promotion! Keep up with the good work in D3 along with all the other stuff you do - it's great to be in an active D3 player base here :)
    Gratz again!
    Congratulations on becoming an Officer!!! You're putting a lot of effort into Fever and it does not go unnoticed!! Keep up the great work, and congrats!!
    Dammit Jbo you scrub, how the hell did you get 2LT? It was a pleasure working with you in the Rank Up Recognition Team for the short time you was on the roster. Excellent job on making officer and I hope to see great things from you. Hopefully if I am able to have myself a sidekick I can choose you :p
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