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    Approved: Sin's Application

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    Read & Understood
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    Necromancer beta coming soonTM

    We'll have to pay for this class? Come on seriously.
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    WD Zunimassa Starter Speed Farming Build 2.5.0

    2.5 Zuni Speed Farming Starter Build - Witch Doctor - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans
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    Movie: Life - Trailer #2

    I wanna see this! Looks really good.
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    WD Zunimassa Starter Speed Farming Build 2.5.0 Published on Mar 22, 2017 Witch doctor Starting speed farming build for season 10 using zunimassa set with gargantuans and fetishes! Build guide = Not found - Diablo Fans... Sage DB Guide =...
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    Forming Squad Season 10

    I would be interest however I'm on the afternoon shift don't get home till about 12am ish,
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    Insane RNG

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    When you know paragon farming in Season is going AWESOME

    Damn. I thought we had some hardcore players :)
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    Preferences For Events

    Alternating sounds fine :)
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    Gem Leveling Event

    I'm in. I can do GR 55 thus far.