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  • Hi, Jam. Thanks for the warm welcome and sorry about the extremely late reply, I've been quite ill over the last week and a half.
    My favorite class in Diablo is definitely monk, my favorite part of the game is constantly seeing improvement in your gear and stats, I love progression haha.
    I also have played a few hours of hearthstone, maybe 100 or so and yes the game is quite expensive haha although with that being said I haven't played with the current new cards, we should have a game sometime. Maybe you can bring me up to date with the meta :p

    Anyways, Thanks again!
    Hello Jam, sorry for the late reply, I had family in town for the holiday. I mostly play D3 and WOW, I have never tried Hearthstone, but have friends who like it. After all its Bliz, so you cannot go wrong. :) Thanks for the welcome!
    Hey Jam , you can call me Rz or Rzee, My favorite champion is kindred well you stopped playing for a year so maybe you don't know about that champ
    and about your cat Rengar is awesome name for her made me laugh a lot . I think i will try out Hearthstone .
    Heya, Jam! Thanks for asking! I have been feeling great. Though I wish I would've responded to you guys earlier :s

    I have been playing WoW for up and about 7 years now, having mained a warlock throughout each and every expansion. In terms of Characters, I'd say I would go with Medivh and/or Khadgar. Simply because they are mages and had their fair share of Demonic trouble. I do not play Hearthstone much, but have played a few games since its Old god expansion for the free card packs. I just love getting my 10+ C'thun out on the playing field and watch him wreck havoc! For some reason I like to play it more on my phone though...
    Thank you for the kind welcome, and hopefully talk to you soon sometime!
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