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    We need more LoL coaches!

    Is there some sort of test or barrier to entry as a coach, or is it just a period of transition that is ongoing that is postponing the addition of coaches to the list?
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    Group Stages for Worlds 2016 finalized!

    C9 probably got the easiest group out of all of the NA teams. TSM should make it out of their group but RNG and SSG are scary teams and splyce is a teamwork team that just nees to develop solo lanes, I could see any 2 teams getting out of D even though TSM should get out. CLG its pretty...
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    Seeking Jungle coach

    It depends on what junglers you play, but Im a plat jungler who mains nidalee kindred and khazix but can move to any type of jungler, if you are interested you can add me itatchisam is my user, you can add me and send me a message
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    August League of Legends Tournament Info

    When will the sign up be for the tournament? I think I might dust off teamspeak and join a fever event again
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    Who is your favorite champion?

    My personal favorite champ will always be nasus, I used to never lose with him when he was my one true main, then I started playing with friends and my friend took top, but I love the Doge still
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    Assistance with Twitch build

    Honestly, you can build however you want, the youmuu's build was popularized season 4 WC when Imp main spammed the youmuus build on twitch and got the SSW Twitch skin made after him, I built that on twitch when I played him until this seasn because builds are a lot more variable, and I honestly...
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    New to the game - is the toxicity real?

    I've noticed when I play with my brother on an alt account, (Im plat on my main, brother is new to level 30 and doesnt want to face high level players and my alt is level 19) people play on alts and expect low level players to be amazing and as good as them so they are toxic, I suggest finding a...
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    Movie: Deadpool Official Trailer 2

    I like how they show all the same scenes with different dialogue, which means we can really get anything in this movie, even trailers might not give us a glimpse into most of the movie
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    January 2016 League of Legends Tournament(cancelled)

    1. IGN: Itatchisam 2. Level: 30 3. Current Rank: Plat 4 4. Can you dedicated at least 3 hours? (Yes/No): Yes 5. Position: Captain/Member/Sub: Captain Hopefully I can not be put in a sub position this time : D although being a sub last time allowed me to actually study for finals
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    Ranked Team needed soon

    I feel like being on a ranked team when you hit 30 is actually quite beneficial to newly 30s, it doesn't affect your solo queue rank, it allows you to deal with the toils of ranked, and you can get a feel for that kind of game, plus you have 4 others that know you are new to ranked who can help...
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    I think the only problem with the smurfing thing for learning is it only helps you learn how to play against players with less game knowledge overall, junglers aren't as quick or proficient, so in reality it's a 100% different game in comparison to ranked. I mean, even playing ranked on an alt I...
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    F**K the meta. This episode : Full AD Veigar

    Im not trying to say anything negative, but isnt that video outdated? not even the current meta so how could you break it? I know it can work as I went 25/4/16 on AD veigar before season 6, and the items actually scale better for veigar now, I'd just say make sure your content i current I guess
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    I could help, I'm pretty solid at all roles with jungle and adc being my best as well as being a good top lane teacher due to a large top champion pool. Im not anything spectacular but I've been solid at teaching before, add me and or message me if whenever I'm on and I'll try my best to help...
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    League of legends. Looking for 3 more people.

    Usually these team type things need a sub I think, it seems like you have a full team, or people at the roles I play so if you needed a sub/someone to help coach or something I could do that IGN: Itatchisam Jg>adc>top>mid>>>>>supp Rank: Plat 4 I've played with you before, and it was enjoyable...