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  • I play Protoss. =) I've been looking around for people in the channel but haven't seen anyone. Are you guys mostly on EU or something?
    Hey man, thanks for the welcome I play Terran after a long break im back :) add me up Chronic#993 im on EU server
    New jungle isn't hard for me at all. It's pretty simple, it's just that they're focused more on people with clear-time, so meh. Sorry that it sucks for you though.
    I am currently unranked, but I will end up being Bronze and climbing out. Last season I was placed in bronze 1 and never played ranked to try and climbed out. I just played normals to let off some steam because of the hectic life I was in at the time.
    They're meh. Jungle's harder, and I'm kinda sad about how they removed Talon's silence, but other than that, I'm liking it. You?
    If you like, we can start up Neverwinter Podcast again and hopefully encourage others to join as well. Message me again if your still interested as I'm trying to get some people back on Neverwinter. Also, could you send me a link to your youtube videos as I would like to see them please? Thanks
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