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  • Greetings Ignis! -

    This Is Just A Friendly Message From Your Platoon CO: Araceli & Your Platoon XO: Requ1em!

    We wanted to make sure your experience in the Fever Gaming Community is going great! There are lots of excellent events that are happening on a daily / weekly / monthly basis in the community!

    Feel free to send us some feedback via PM if there is ANYTHING we can help or assist you with! Our door is ALWAYS open! We hope all is going well for you!

    GAME ON!


    Your Platoon CO / XO -

    CO: Araceli & XO: Requ1em
    Apologies for your not-so-great experiences in our League community.

    If you ever have any serious issues, please do report it to an officer.

    Also, please don't forget that the behavior of some does not dictate that of the whole.
    Welcome to Fever Ignis! I do hope you have as much fun in Fever as I am having and I wish you a pleasant stay, if you have any questions I will be more than happy trying to answer them :)
    Welcome to Fever Ignis! Feel free to ask me any questions you have and I'll do my best to help you! I hope you'll enjoy your new home!
    Hey and welcome to Fever! Glad to have more League players. Hmu if you ever want to play, and enjoy your stay!

    Here are some links that Silver forgot that you may find useful.

    Social Media-because we're nerds that like to connect to each other.


    Mobile App-because who wouldn't want Fever in their pocket.


    Helpful Guides-because we love you.

    Fever Coins
    Ranks and Promotions
    Fever Jobs

    See you around~!
    Hello and welcome to the Fever family!

    Here are the links to our gaming forums!
    Shooter Games
    Miscellaneous Games

    If you have any problems or questions feel free to come to me or any officers+ online!

    We are a giant community and we play every game you can imagine from call of duty to league of legends

    Don't forget to jump in the teamspeak channel and say hi to everyone!
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