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  • It has been SOME TIME since i've been really really active in this clan, and I apologize for my inactivity, I hop in from time to time to see whats up. I got into a wreck a while back and i've been too busy with tickets and bills to really game as much as I used to tho i'm almost caught up on them. I have 1 ticket left of 120 for improper lane usage that i'm paying off this month, and a hospital bill of 1,500+ bucks. I crashed into a tree after swearving for quite some time, thinking about it sends chills up my spine. If the tree hadn't been there, I would have tumbled down a 7 some foot tall clif possibly to my death, and if the tree had been any farther to my side, I would have been pancaked, I'm lucky to be alive. Anyway. Once i'm all caught up with these bills, You can expect me to be more active in the clan!! Mostly at night and on my days off. See you all around! Ice out
    I'm glad that you're ok. Do what you gotta do - we will always be here. :)
    Welcome to FeverClan, icemanshane1! :D My name is Angel and I'm happy to meet you ^-^

    I see that you enjoy playing Hearthstone :D I really like that game as well ^-^ My favorite class to play has to be Warlock :D It's fun and the drawing power is enjoyable. What's your favorite class to play? My least favorite to play must be Druids. I just don't like the playstyle that much x__x What's the class you enjoy the least? Do you play Hearthstone competitively? I usually get to 20 for the card back and then keep playing normals xD Have you ever done arena? I think my highest streak is like 5 or 6.

    If you ever want to have a match, or if you need help with anything, please feel free to message me! I'd love to play :D And to help ^-^

    Angel out =p
    Welcome back icemanshane1!! Nice to have you back in the Fever Community! Look forward to seeing you around! If you have any questions feel free to contact me via forums or teamspeak, you can usually find me in my purchased channel :D
    Happy Gaming
    -The Rev
    Hey icemanshane1 :cupcake:

    I’m iDell and I welcome you to Fever! There are wonderful other gamers for you to meet and game with. I play League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm for the most part but I also play several RPGs. Say hi to me on TS when you can , I love meeting new people :) Once again good luck and have fun. :)
    Shane-o-matic, welcome to Fever Clan! I couldn't resist the salutation... one of my best friends is named Shane. Good ole buddy from the great state of Tennessee. If that's not your name then just ignore my silliness :)

    I try to play HS when I can, but most of my time is dedicated to Diablo 3 when I am not playing DragonSoul on my iPad. Ugh... the grinds we go through for some games eh?

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime. Maybe we'll see each other in a TS channel for HS. You can teach me some things in that game maybe :)

    Welcome again icemanshane1!
    Hello, icemanshane1. How are you today? My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. I saw on your application that you play Hearthstone! I'm so happy that you joined Fever since I’ve been looking for more people to play Hearthstone with. Do you have a favorite deck? Who is your favorite hero? What do you think of the latest expansion? The decks I use for ranked are C’Thun Priest, C’Thun Warrior, and Evolve Shaman. I usually use my Yogg Mage deck in casual. I am also trying to learn how to play Aggro Shaman and Zoo Warlock. The highest ranked I’ve achieved is 12. I'm still trying to get to at least 5. We should play sometime! If you want to add me, my battletag is glyssa#1811. I hope to see you on teamspeak soon. If you have any questions, feel free to PM on the forums or just send me a message on I would be delighted to help you in anyway I can. Have a fabulous day!
    Welcome Back icemanshane1!-

    My name is Requ1em & I am a member of the Greeting Team! I see that you originally joined Fever during the month of January of 2015.

    It's great to see you have come back to the community! You have great timing because there are a ton of excellent things going on in the community right now - WHATEVER GAME YOUR PLAYING!

    If you have time please check out the forums & see what the latest is in conjunction with Events / Game Nights / ECT. related to what you are interested in!

    If you have any questions or require any help - please feel free to contact me!

    Once again - Welcome Back!

    - req
    Hey, sorry i saw your message on TS. I will change it on the calendar for you, but i work on thursday night. If you want to change the name of the channel in TS, you can ask any leader or general online, they can do it for you.
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