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  • Are you still accepting people for D&D, I have prior experience both as a player and DM for my local circuit.
    Thanks :)
    Always remember, The Cat is with you!
    Hunter, you legend!

    I heard you're doing an amazing job in recruitment and in bringing the D&D community to Fever. Honestly, thank you for giving many the chance to experience such a unique and enjoyable game. I will get myself involved sooner or later and it's going to be a blast.

    It is very well appreciated what you do and this promotion is a small thanks of the efforts you bring to the family. Well done. :)
    I'd like to ask you for Pathfinder macros!
    Just anyhting you think would come useful in the future would be nice
    Congratulations on your promotion to SMA!!! You're at the top of enlisted now, keep up the hard work!! Great job recruiting - your dedication to Fever really shows! Thanks for all you do!
    How to quickly convert Labor into Exp and simultaneously power level Leatherworking, Tailoring or Metalworking - Man of Legends

    there you go mate the labor burn guide
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