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  • Guess I prefer DOTA since it reminds me of my time in SMITE.

    I've been playing Smite for over 2 years now and the best time I had in SMITE was learning the items, characters and how characters and items interacted with each other. And since I don't know how all the characters and items in DOTA interact it is fun to find that out. Which is why I'm playing more DOTA and trying to make it my main game.

    LoL is similar in that regards, but I watch some YouTubers/Streamers who play LoL and watching them also meant I was learning LoL, how things work in it and how different things interact so the fun of figuring things out is kinda gone, buts its still fun, especially when playing with friends.
    Hey, thanks for the welcome! Even though you gave me that terrible pun, I'll make sure to ask any questions I might have.
    I highly recommend CS:GO! I got into it with a few friends and I've been playing it ever since, I really love the team-based gameplay and constant communication of it. I know sometimes I get a little annoyed when I'm not doing well but that's just and fps isn't it? Thanks for the welcome mate!
    When I first started playing I had that issue where I couldn't find which champ I could be potentially decent at. I think you'll find that champ, even if it takes a while. It took me a couple months to really fine my main go-to. I main as Shen, but play Miss Fourtune, Diana, Vayne, Volibear, Yi, or Morgana. I try to mix it up but lately I've been playing a lot of Shen trying to get the full mastery. Hope to see you around as well!
    Thanks HMS! Was fun playing against you the other night. Favorite class is by far Warlock (hero power so OP :D) but I like playing them all. I also mostly do arena but I like ranked too, hoping to get legend this month. How about you, what do you like to play?
    Hey man, nice work on the rank up you received for the forum activity! We really love that you continue to keep people interested in the forums, even if it's small post, everything helps!! So keep up the good work!
    Congrats on ranking up! Forum Activity for the win! You have been such an active member, props to you! What do you love most about fever? :ghost: Have an awesome day dude! :cupcake:
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