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  • Congrats on your promotion to LTC. Your massive recruiting and involvement in D3 events has really kick started the area. Keep it going! What are you thinking for the next D3 event?
    congrats on the rank up! You do a great job keeping the community running smoothly. This community would not be so awesome without you. Thanks for all the time you put into the clan.
    Bob, the builder! Expanding the clan! Congrats on the Recruitment Gold Award! :ghost: What made you join fever? :cupcake:
    You've grown fever by alot, By yourself alone. That's a big feat and can make you stand out from alot of the others! Keep up the awesome work! May i ask where you're finding all these awesome people?
    Wow! so much recruits! Great job! Thank you for all the new members! And keeping this community so alive!
    Bob, awesome to have you recruiting! We love to have new members, you're an essential part of the Fever Community! New members keep the community alive, so thank you! :cupcake: Favorite part about recruiting?

    sleep.eat.game.repeat :ghost:

    People like you are the meat and potatoes of this clan by requiting members.. Keep up the good work you are making a big difference in fever by bringing in new people.... new people= new ideas!!!! way to go keep up the good work.
    It's good to see someone so high ranked recruiting. Tells me that no matter how high on the climb you still think about newcomers and those just starting out here at Fever. Major success. ;)
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