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  • "Respects your intelligence and lets you piece the story together" -Gamespot 9.5/10

    "Gone Home is a remarkable first-person adventure that tells one of the finest stories I've ever experienced in games. " -IGN 9.5/10

    "I never expected to see myself in a video game" -Polygon 10/10


    How you know you'll like it:
    -You want to experience one of the most groundbreaking triumphs in story-telling.
    -You 're ready for a feel trip.
    -You like to pay attention to, and appreciate detail.
    -You are patient enough to play a game that doesn't involve direct conflict.
    -You can handle being "scared" in a way that other games have never successfully done before.

    Pardon the more vague approach to this post. This game is unique, and describing why it's successful would take away from its effect during your first play through. This isn't one you can pass up. Go download it now and thank me later. (ps. its on the Steam Sale right now).

    "Gone Home proves that a game focused on story and exploration, starring a decidedly non-traditional cast of characters, can be utterly thrilling. With excellent writing and environments that made me want to explore every nook and cranny, Gone Home simply, effectively drew me in. After completing the game, I sat in spellbound, smiling silence for nearly an hour, and that's perhaps the greatest praise I can lay upon a game." -Polygon

    "Gone Home is a quiet triumph in storytelling"
    "Antichamber is all about the harmless subversion of rules you don't realize you're being taught. Often, it isn't until after you recall one of Antichamber's lessons that you realize you've been taught it in the first place. For several hours, Antichamber is teaching you without your realizing it. It is constantly, deftly picking your pocket; only, in reverse." -Polygon, 9/10


    How you know you'll like it:
    -You enjoyed Portal 1 or 2.
    -You enjoyed the Talos Principle
    -You like being messed with by a video game.
    -You want to know what Portal would have been like if GlaDos went to graduate school.
    -You like being mind-&^#$%@.

    "Antichamber's genius is found in the lessons you didn't realize you were learning"
    Hey Corporal! Congrats on your rank up! I hear you are looking for a minecraft server! Me too!! Hopefully I will get to play with you on that!! Keep up the great work with all you do in fever.
    Congrats on your rank-up to CPL. I dont know the details of your rank up but it must have been something you did that caught some higher ups eye to where they made sure you got a rank-up. You are the type of person that we look for inside feverclan. someone to take the initiative and do something with out being asked or if asked to do you you did it up and beyond the expectations and for that you got a rank-up cuz a thank you just couldn't cover the work you did for the clan. but again congrats on you rank-up and please keep you the good work you are doing what ever it is cuz it truly is makeing feverclan a better place for every1. thank you for all you hard work and dedication to the clan.
    Eatmochcicken |BG|
    hello and welcome to fever if you have any problems or need help with something feel free to send me a pm :)
    Welcome to Fever Harris! I do hope you have as much fun in Fever as I am having and I wish you a pleasant stay, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or ask me on teamspeak I will be more than happy trying to answer them :)
    Hello and welcome! Nice to see you already added me on League. We should play sometime~ If you ever need anything, let me know. I can already tell we're going to be great friends haha xD Here are some links that'll help you navigate Fever.

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    See you around~!
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