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  • Hey Gyorn welcome to fever! i do apologize for my late welcome but i wanted to be sure i got a chance to do so and introduce myself. my names ef wrath wonderful to meet you. we have a growing gtav community im sure you will find this a happy place you'll fit right in =D what do you usually do on gtav? well hope to see you around ts. feel free to msg me with any questions or if you just wanna talk =D
    My rig is almost identical to yours its crazy the only differences i really see is my i7 is overclocked stock. I have a nvidia 970! and my only monitor at the moment is an asus vx248 !!! so yours is slightly better :D!!! what kind of cash did you drop on it?
    Well you definitly came to the right place if your looking for people to hiest with i see members all the time down in the GTV section !!! and oooooh modding is cheating ;p lol jk are you trying to figure out how much your computer can handle? what are you pushing spec wise in your rig?
    Welcome to Fever Gyorn!!!! our gtav community seems to be getting bigger everyday!!!! what is your favorite thing to do on gtav? I hope to see you around the team speak and forums :D!!! If you have any questions or just need a friend feel free to message me anytime ok!!!
    Hey Gyorn, Welcome To Fever Clan!

    Im Baum, and first and foremost Id like to say hello and it is good to have you on Team Fever! This is an active, friendly community and I really hope that you make lots of friends and have a lot of fun with all of the different things there is to do. I am here to make sure you get settled in and begin enjoying yourself!

    Id like to help you get up to speed as fast as possible by giving you a short guide that covers all the basics.

    First Things First- Introduce yourself!
    Fever always tries to make new members feel welcome. Go HERE and say hi to the clan! Use the recommended guide, or just tell us about yourself, what games you are playing, and what do you like?

    A Few Basics
    -Fever Coins are an in-clan currency system. You get them from doing certain things with the clan, and you can spend them on some pretty cool stuff.
    -Fever Rankings are how the clan distinguishes the veterancy and officer status of their members. The link explains the whole rank system.
    -Fever Jobs are a great way to give back to the community, while earning coins and rank! There are many to choose from in all different areas, so there is something for everyone.
    -Tapatalk is a way to make accessing the forums on mobile easier.

    I hope that you find this helpful and that you enjoy your time with the clan! If you ever need anything, have any questions, or just want to play some games, dont hesitate to send me a private message, message me on the chat system, or add me in-game. My name is BaumDeezy#1953 and my Steam name is BaumDeezy. I hope you have a long, happy stay here with Fever and I hope to see you in-game, on Teamspeak, and the forums.

    |Fever| Baum
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