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    Wrong meme. ._.
    That's willy wonka, who is basically like "Oh, you have a new boyfriend? Who is it this week?" Or the sarcastic "oh, tell me more..." etc. Just letting you know. :D
    But yeah. As I said in my Officer app, I only take up a job when I know I am performing great in the ones I have so far and deem that I have enough time to perform great in that one as well. I got tons of rankups for great work in the recruiting dpt. I got the outstanding Content Creator and Coach award. And I was told I'm doing pretty good in the Greeting Team - and I've upped my game in the introduction team. In terms of Game Nights, I haven't missed a single one yet. ^^
    I mean, this should give you an idea. I kind of know my limits. If I have one too many jobs I'll just leave a few. Still plenty after that :D
    Ah, the feeling of waking up and seeing like, 3 new Private Messages and 5 new Visitor Messages. Also 5 new memtions. Made me feel popular. :D
    Ready for action! Let's get this party started! :D
    Thanks for the kind words! Have a wonderful day! :)
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