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  • Just wanted to send a quick note introducing myself. I believe you're one of the go to people for OW in Fever, and I'm making a transition from OW PS4 to PC. BNET is VelohBlack#1420 .
    i will slowly, but surely, take over your profile page! MWAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA

    RAWRRRR <33333456789
    I'm just waiting for it, maybe i should get my passport ready at least? :p
    And like i said, if you win any, you have to marry me, but i dont care about the rest, i dont want your money. I'm not that kind of bitch!

    And on a side note, yes it started with LoL obviously, since you joined pbly for it, but damn feel like you always been there and i dont even remember adding you like on FB or steam.... cuz LoL doesnt even need steam. LOL. Hey, but im glad we are friends on all these!!! <3
    We never finished that convo though, why and how did we knew each others? LoL pbly... but we kept talking to each others even not plaing it.

    On a side note: Will you marry me? You should be rich soon right? Mwahahhahah! I'm kidding, I have money, I dont need yours. BUT yours could buy us a house and i would deal with the rest. DEAL????
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