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  • Congrats on getting the veterancy silver award! That's a big achievement. What game do you play most? I'm sure they would love your input in the forum section for that game.
    A year?! A year?! Yes a year! Congrats on being a part of those members who have stayed loyal on Fever for over a year! Keep up that acitivty, lets try for gold! What do you like most about Fever? :cupcake: Have a good day!
    You... You scumbag... You've been here for 1 year? Congrats. Have all the loves.. all of it. In the best places...
    1 Year Vet... what a weirdo
    Congrats!! 1 hole year! I hope you have had a great time here and be around for much more!

    Congrats on getting the Vet Silver award! Always good to see people calling Fever Clan their home!What made you stick around so long? may the odds ever be in your favor
    Dat Vet Silver.... -giggles- Congrats on being here for a year. We appreciate you being here and are grateful that you've decided to call Fever home for so long. =)
    Don't worry about it. I don't post very often either, but you need to post at least once every 14 days or you will be flagged as inactive. I hardly ever get on TS either. :p
    Welcome to Fever! It is great to have you. If there is anything you need, just ask.
    Welcome to the clan Josh, As a welcome committee member i want to try and integrate you into fever
    Im kesem, Been in fever for about half a year and i usually play most everything and chill in TS all day :p
    What ever type of game you play let me know and we might be able to play sometime!
    Enjoy your stay in our wonderfull gaming community ;)
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