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    How-To: New member looking to join private steam group

    Thanks Damien. Maybe I should reach out on discord if one of the group admin is active when i check.
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    Need a coach?(Silver 1- SEM)

    What a guy!! I'd much appreciate some pointers Lan if the offer still stands. I'll get some footage together for you to check out and fill in the form for you to get around to when you get some time. I'm at *that* stage where I've learned a wee bit, but not enough of the right things I dare...
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    How-To: New member looking to join private steam group

    Hello. Gorskorr/Jacob here. I'm wondering if its at all possible to get added to the private clan member group on steam? My steam profile link : Steam Community :: JuicyPotato If not any information regarding the process would be very much welcome and appreciated <3 Gor
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    Approved: Gorskorr's Application

    Games you play: cs/go, wow Age: 34 Gender: Male Country: New Zealand FPS Username: JuicyPotato League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Smushie#1713 MMO Username: Zenteef/Incubüs Steam Username: Gorskorr xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...