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  • Congrats on getting the veterancy award! A whole year in fever. I see you're not very active on the forums but do you go on ts a lot?
    365 days of pure awesomeness! Why don't we boost that forum activity?! Veterancy Award for you it is! Hope to see more of you! In this year, best memory of Fever? :cupcake:
    Golden Mist? sounds badass to me.. Congrats on 1 year Veterancy
    Or not.. maybe you hate these things.
    Stay Frosty Soldier!
    Wow 1 year all ready!? Congrats on your award, I hope you have had a blast here on that time and stick around for many more to come!

    congrats on your Veternacy Silver award! I hope you stick around much longer and enjoy your time here! May the odds ever be in your favor
    -inhales deeply- I feel like I'm worth a bit more now!... Get it? Golden mist? Golden? Value. ANYWAYS... Congratulations on Vet Silver and thank you for being here for a year straight. =)
    Hello and Welcome to the Fever Family!

    My name is Leo. Now that you are a member, I highly recommend that you visit our introductions forum and start a new thread. It is a great way for your fellow clan member to meet and get to know you! I also recommend that you get involved by posting in a forum for a game that interests you. The links to the gaming Sub-Forums:

    Misc. Games
    Competition Central

    Right now, you are a PVT which stands for private. This is a rank all new members start off as. If you are interested in knowing more about the fever rank system, there is a very helpful thread here.

    Fever also has a cool system that rewards us for engaging in the community. They are called fever coins and can be used to buy all sorts of things. You can learn more about them here. You should have some already now that you are a member.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time here at fever! If you have any questions at all, or if you just want to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me. There are no stupid questions! Ill be most accessible on teamspeak, but you can go ahead and PM me at any time.

    |Fever| Leo
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