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  • Hello, sorry for the late reply, but I had family in town for the holiday. I am playing this season, I like it so far, playing a Demon Hunter, so something new. Hope to see you in game.
    Yeah I am doing pretty well this season. If you need runs or anything just let me know. I can carry on 80's. I started with crucader (thorns bombardment) and now ihave zdps barb, dp barb, archon wizard and am working on a witch doctor. i hit paragon 1000 and that was a huge benchmark for me. thank you for the warm welcome. sorry for the slow reply. I don't have a lot of forums experience and am still learning how to navigate them.
    Many thanks for kind message! I have been playing WoW for about 7 odd years or so with no plans to stop :p The main thing that keeps me playing WoW is the fact that I do not like the gameplay from other games, plus I really like the raids and friends I've made in there. If you are truly planning to give it a shot, then you could go and watch the warcraft movie. Quite a few cinemas are in on a deal with WoW that allows all warcraft movie goers to get WoW for free up to the last expansion + 30 days of game time for free.
    That sounded quite a bit like an advertisement now... :p
    Hello Gazoo,

    I am actually playing this season. I am not quite as hardcore as some, but I enjoy the chill atmosphere of the game and it is always a good choice when I am flamed from LoL or burnt out on WoW. I am probably the most indecisive D3 player out there seeing as I tend to hop from class to class until I find what suits my play style (whatever that may be). Right now I am playing a Wizard mostly and have enjoyed it thus far, however it just isn't as gratifying as my usual barb choice where I bash my enemies' faces in with a big stick. Any who, I appreciate your welcoming message and hope to see you around. Just wondering though, have you ever played Archeage? I knew a guy with the same username as yours on that game.

    pick 1 class of god then stick with it for 3 days...if it doesnt go good try a new one for 3 more days...most people are only really good at one roll
    Thanks for the welcome bro! Not on the forums as much as I should be but I try :) Nagrom#1933 is my tag I will send you a friends request when I log in today. I am playing seasonal. Running a DH, UE Multishot build. I was on the leader boards with a 78 but I think I went from 810 to 988 in a day so I will have to try to get a little higher!
    It's pretty fun! Currently I'm not subscribed to it, since it's the end of the current expansion and I kinda ran outta stuff I was interested in doing.

    You might consider trying it out before or when the new expansion hits. Myself and Kanbytu are planning on playing again when Legion comes out. I'd suggest the trial version first before you purchase anything. You can get to level 20 and see if you like the playstyle. :)

    Feel free to send me a pm if/when you plan on trying it out! When I resubscribe I should be transferring to the server with Fever Clan's guild.
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