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  • Hey! Yeah, I have a barb and I think Im 540 paragon or so. Been doing mostly solo with the boulder build, But I also have a monk support Im trying to get gear for. I just added you on bnet!
    Thanks! I added you =) I'm playing this season, started with a wiz and working on my monks right now. I'm on a lot every other day so I'm sure I'll be seeing you around!
    Hello Gazoo, and thank you for the warm welcome! I do enjoy playing Overwatch, it is a great game. If you can manage to sneak some money away from your wife, I'll be more than happy to team up with you sometime! Thank you for the offer for help, and I look forward to seeing you around as well! :D
    Heya, I'm playing this season somewhat, hardcore seasonal crusader, level 10 or something, was going to make a lets play on it but not sure on it
    Well your ranking is based on your activity. The more you post, you comment, you help around, etc,... you will get ranks for them. Obv if you post a lot but only say 'lol' pbly you wont. When OneHandLuke does his ranks up for members (every other week), he looks at posts and activity on the forum. The more you contribute and are active, the more you will get ranks from him. After there is the part you get noticed for helping and being active on TS or in a particular section. Officers can suggest a promotion for you and generals and higher can promote you on the spot.
    Annnnd then there is me, with the recruiting, but pbly one of the easiest way to ranks up: 2 recruits=1 rank, up to SMA max (which is the highest you can get without being an officer)
    But no worry, we try to check everything we do, obv we are human so mistake can happens. But in your case, its just how the system works about recruiting. You werent taking credit for anything more than what i had already about it. Go with peace in mind, so far you are doing a great job :)

    oh and btw, i should had say it long ago, but i kinda enjoy your avatar/profile pic. As much as i wasnt really a fan of him, as much as it makes me smile, good memories :)
    Well, the referral numbers under your profile isnt the same as my list. To count as referrals under your profile, its when someone register to the forum and put your name there. But ppl that register to the forum doesnt always apply to join, they can just make an account, post and look at the forum as a guest. Hence why i dont count them, since to count as recruiting referrals, they have to actually apply to the clan. (it doesnt matter if they get approved or not, since you cant vouch for them, your part is done for recruiting, you made someone apply)
    I ran a quick check on the application section to make sure my number was right (i had 2 on my recruiting list) and my number was right. (i gave you credit for warpig and Schlimjim) Though, my recruiting list is hiding under the officer section, so unfortunately you cant see it >.<
    Sooo, in the end, the referrals under your profile doesnt mean its the number i have on my list :)
    If you have more question(s), feel free to ask :)
    Sounds great, and for sure get Overwatch when you can. Overwatch community always has people in it and is loads of fun with teammates.

    Duck Game is an awesome little game on steam by Adult Swim Games, either you love it, or don't know about it, or you have seen it on steam and want it. you're a duck that kills other ducks in a side scrolling map. It's fast, completely insane and loads of fun. Only have a few friends that play it but it's a complete blast. Up to 4 players.
    Hi Gazoo, Sorry about the late reply. I'm trying to get a bit more active with the forums although the last week and a half I've been quite ill :(.
    I play Monk in D3, Mainly my zMonk but I also do the one punch monk for solo pushing. If you need help gearing up I'm happy to help, feel free to add me on elvte#1392
    And thanks for the warm welcome :)
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