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  • Hey gandouf! Noticed you on D3, just stopping by to say hey. Grats on that promo, looking forward to more D3 games with you ;)
    Hey Gandouf, I have been extremely busy lately and havent had a chance to welcome all the new members to fever. Hope you have fun in the clan. Its nice that you have been recruiting people since you have joined the clan, its a great help and really appreciated, keep up the good work! If you have any questions or if you want to play a game sometime, hit me up with a pm or join me on teamspeak. See you around!
    Hey gandouf, congratulations on your rank up! How is it going for you in Season 4? I haven't had a chance to play that much, but I'm hoping that will change (I can always hope right?) :)

    Keep up the good work, stay active in the forums, and maybe we'll get a run in together in D3 one of these days!

    Gratz again :)
    Greetings gandouf!!

    Thanks so much for joining |Fever| and for posting on the D3 forums. There has been a LOT of hype lately, right? I see you already have your group setup for launch night and been running with @bearcutter. How do you know each other? Do you know each in RL or just met online?

    I'm interested in your 4 WD group concept, it should be really interesting. Did you get into the in-game clan yet? It will be a lot of fun to see how people progress on Friday and who dings 70 first. D3 is my main game and you can find me in the D3 Teamspeak channel if I'm online. I hope to see you there and catch you in Season 4. Laters!

    Hello gandouf, welcome to Fever Clan! I'm also a D3 player (when I get the chance :)) so I'm happy to add my welcome to another D3 player.

    We have an upcoming Season 4 event the weekend that Season 4 starts. Make sure you check out the information in our D3 section of the Forum. I saw that you've already posted to a LoL thread, and that's great to see! Always nice to see our new members get active with the forums. It's a great way to stay in touch with what the clan is doing in your favorite games, and for you to give back with your posts and replies.

    Make sure you check out the other forum topics too like Fitness (under Health & Lifestyle). You never know what you may find!

    Good to have you with us, I look forward to Season 4, and maybe we'll get in some runs together. If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime!

    Welcome again gandouf!
    -Noble :)
    Hey there gandouf! ^^
    I'm happy to see a new face joined Fever, and I'm happy to have the honor of helping you take your first steps in our family. I haven't been here for a long time myself, so I can clearly remember that this was valuable information for me. I hope it helps you as well. :)

    Here's some useful links that can help you integrate yourself as part of this community and feel more at home. :)


    *First and foremost, we have the Introduction Forum! We, as one big family, would love to know anything you're willing to share about yourself, and making a thread here can attract some people with similar interests to you, allowing you to easily make friends quickly. I personally love to read these, and mine was a blast to make! It takes very little time, and shows that you're willing to make new friends, something I'm always happy to see! :) I hope to see your thread submitted soon! ^^


    *If you want to stay in touch with the community even while not at home, you can find quick and easy access to the forums through your phone with Tapatalk! That way, we can stay connected even when you wouldn't be available. :)


    *If you end up liking Fever, keep in mind you can always give back to the family by signing up to one of the jobs Fever has to offer, which you can find in the Fever Jobs List!

    Fever Coins

    *Also, something I personally really liked is the Fever Coin System! This system encourages and rewards activity on the forums and dedication to our family. It might be a bit hard to grasp at first (at least for me it was), but I think it's a really neat system, and I hope you like it just as much as I do. :)


    *Finally, something that confused me the most is the Rank system in Fever. There are many ranks, and I also wondered how I could get promoted to a higher rank, and I found out all about it in the Fever Ranks Guide! It might be complicated at first, but you'll get used to it in a while. :)

    I hope this information helped you at least a little. If you have any questions at all, or would just like to chat and make a new friend, please don't hesitate at all to message me, no matter if it's on the forums, Teamspeak, in-game, anywhere! I look forward to seeing you active in Fever, and I hope to talk to you soon! :)

    I wish you a wonderful day! ^^
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