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  • right on and thanks. I used to play but id get bored, comp crash, or the anime season would start so i never finished it. i only got hardcore mode unlocked cause someone hacked my account. Which is cool cause then i had a hunter with nice gear and could do season stuff but when i first play a game i like to role play it. enjoy the story n such. right now im playing league but i took a break to try and trophy hunt on the ps4 (damn you ff10 and your lightning dodges) then it broke, sun and moon came out was 3 away from catchin em all, i broke my ds. I do believe riot put a gypsy curse on me and wont let me go haha. I pretty much joined cause i was playing some league with some of the guys. got auto filled to support and had some awesome synergy with the adc and the rest is history. what about you man?
    I actually used to play a lot of D3, but it was a little too repetitive for anything hardcore. But I play LoL the most right now. And thanks for the welcome!
    Thanks again for helping facilitate my Clan interview with Artega. I'll probably cya in Diablo when the Necromancer comes out. :cool:

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome feeling. I'll keep in mind that you are willing to help if needed. I actually just started playing Diablo 3 the other day when the game night was held, i'm glad to say I already got to 70 and started leveling up my paragon. As for my most played game i don't really have one I like a lot of variety usually. Being in a community has always been fun and this clan had what I was seeking more or less which at the time was a Smite presence. Hope to see you around and I hope your having a great week.
    Hey Thanks for the warm welcome !!!, I play a variety of games, Heroes of the Storm, Sc2, D3, LoL, Overwatch and Paladins, and a few others also. =)
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