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    Yea New World and Ashes seem promising, although if I'm correct NW now only have predetermined 50vs50 as PvP, and I'm unfamiliar with Ashes PvP mechanics. Btw Crowfall is still in Closed Beta and anyone can join the fun for free.
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    It has entered the last phase before launch (Beta). The studio behind this game is a small team of MMO veterans. Not everyone likes Crowfall but it has improved a lot in the last few months. It's like a mix between Game of Thrones and EVE Online. For those who don't know EVE, it's one of the...
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    Been kayaking and camping, again, for past week

    Very nice pictures, the water is so clear. Lucky you had 2 spare tires for your trailer!
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    What are you reading light novels?

    I've read The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson =D
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    Which game are you most excited for in 2020?

    My picks aren't in the list but Camelot Unchained and Crowfall. Two medieval upcoming MMOs
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    Which game are you most excited for in 2020?

    Double posts sorry