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  • I'm around at this time for about 3 hours each day now, due to work training/work partying.
    17:30 till about 20:00 GMT for the games, I'll log into TS each day in the sc2 channels, hope to see you drop by :D
    What server is best for both of us? NA is a little laggy for me. Can you connect to EU fine?
    I'm around this weekend. I am on GMT London time, can you set a time that's good for both of us?
    Hi Flarefly,
    I talked to you the other day about The Core Lite hotkeys for zerg.
    You mentioned you made some changes. What were they?
    I've practiced a bit on the hotkey trainer map and have gotten better on making buildings and units.
    I'm not sure how to go about cameras. Do I set a camera point on each hatch?
    Also, how do cycle your injects? I've been using the backspace(I changed it to spacebar) shift method where you cycle your base camp until now.
    I'm now working on getting used to the control groups =P.
    Two, Whole years. That's wicked cool to see someone like you that's been around for quite some time. Keep up the good work and i hope to see you in teamspeak, or maybe somewhere in the forums! May i ask what brought you to fever so many years ago? C:
    2 years! Congratulations! Hope to see you for much more time around. I hope you have had a great time here in that time!
    Welcome to the Fever Clan!!! This clan is so fun and has some awesome players in every genre of each game. If you ever need any questions or help with anything PM me on the forums or talk to me on TS. I will do everything to the best of my ability to answer and help you with those questions you may have. So have fun with the forums and gaming with us all and take at some of the links I posted below.

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLAN FACEBOOK PAGE >>>>>>

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLANGAMING YOUTUBE PAGE >>>>>>

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLAN TWITTER PAGE >>>>>>

    <<<<<< Feel free to check out the FEVERCLAN STORE PAGE >>>>>>
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