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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And on 4/20 how did you get so lucky that's like double celebration :D. You gana do anything FISHY <--- see what I did there hahaha. Hope you enjoy it man and be safe!
    Happy Birthday!
    I don't think there's anything crazy you can do now that you've hit 22 that you couldn't do before (correct me if I'm wrong), but I hope you're having a great day anyway. Have you got any big plans for today? Or are you just having a quiet one?
    Happy 22nd Bday guy!

    Time to celebrate tonight, right?! Either that, or an all night long game a thon?! What kind of games do you play man? We need to get up some time and throw down on some games! Anywho, happy birthday and live it up! Since you're past 21, not a lot to celebrate age wise now :p haha have a great day man!
    So what are you gonna do tonight to celebrate?? Any specific type of games u like to play? I also noticed that one of your interests is your job. What is the job you do?

    Anyways happy birthday and many more too you :) have a good one.

    Hello! Welcome to the Fever clan Fishy Xander! My name is Croatoan and it's very nice to have you with us and I hope that your stay is long and enjoyed. Here at the Fever clan, we have a wide variety of communities within our clan. These communities are full of very kind and welcoming people who are waiting for your introduction to their community. Well, now when we got to know each other a bit I will give you a few links that might help you get around forums easier.

    If you want you can introduce yourself to everyone and tell them a little about yourself and what games you like to play, the link to introduction forums is here.

    We have various sections for games here and here they are:
    --Shooter Games
    --Miscellaneous Games

    There is a lot of stuff you can do in FeverClan from gaming to FeverClan jobs. You can check available jobs here.

    When you have a job you get paid, you get paid with Fever coins and with them you can buy games in Fever store or Game market, and here is a little guide for coins as well.

    Jobs can also help you climb the ranks faster, we use military rank up system and you can check it here.

    You can check our social media and maybe find some interesting game news or get some other helpful information.

    I hope this little info bomb helps you and makes you get around forums easier, if there is anything else you would like to know feel free to send me a PM or ask me on teamspeak. I'm always available and I will do the best I can to help you.
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