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  • It's funny because one of my friends on League has the IGN Firestar619 xD main reason why you stood out in the newbie section to me
    Hey! Welcome to Fever, yo! Noticed you wanted people to play with so my IGN on the NA server is "Zryk" :) Shoot me a friend request or tell me your IGN so we can play! I'm SIlver 5 so soryy if I suck haha
    Hello Firestar729, welcome to Fever Clan! I wanted to add my welcome to you and applaud your activity in the Forum so quickly after joining. You've already discovered one of the many benefits you'll have here as a Fever member.

    Be sure to take advantage of the other non-gaming topics too! I noted that you play in your Symphonic and Marching bands (awesome btw) and maybe there will be some good posts from other band participants :)

    Good to have you with us, and if you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime!
    Welcome again FireStar!
    Welcome to Fever, Firestar729!

    I see you play LoL! Who is your favorite champ? Mine would have to be Annie, for absolutely no reason other than tibbers! ;)

    I'm not very good, but if you want to play some time, find me on teamspeak and we can sort something out!

    Welcome to Fever Firestar! Some would say you were a HOT COMMODITY! I'm sorry that you had to be subjected to that terrible pun, but I couldn't resist. I was never a big MOBA fan, but nevertheless I play league on occasions. If you have questions feel free to ask and I look forward to seeing you around!
    Welcome to Fever my friend!!! We are lucky to have you with us!! I am a constant MOBA player. I play anything from SMITE to DOTA 2. My main game is of course SMITE :D. But i dabble. I am also a big MMO fan and play Final Fantasy as well!!! Feel free to PM me or find me in TS!!! Once again welcome to fever and we are glad to have ya !!!!!!!
    Welcome to the Fever family! I could never get into LoL but I have played it for a time in the past, but many members play it and in a wide variety of ways! I hope you enjoy your stay here! :)
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