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  • Oh there was some good bugs. But the best was the final stress testing.. 100s of people all running in place... We broke the chat and trade system. it was funny. First week of official launch was horrible but it fun. Legion looks like blizz is attempting to reclaim its former glory. I can see some good concepts, I am not much on hero classes but ah well... we shall see. Thanks for the message.
    Thanks for the welcome! D3 is actually the only MMO I play. The main reason I chose it is because I played a lot of D2 several years ago. Having said that, it's a really fun game! They've improved it A LOT since it's launch a few years ago and I highly recommend it. They have seasons that restart every few months which gives players a chance to start fresh. The next season actually starts on Jan 15 so it would be good timing if you decided to give it a try. Cheers!
    Star Citizen is in such infant stages right now. It already is pretty damn impressive though. I mess around with it a little here and there just trying to get used to my hotas flight sticks and also getting used to and training voice attack. Star Citizen - Arena Commander Wave 13 - Voice Attack Demonstration - YouTube check that out ;)
    Thank you for the welcome! I haven't really played any MMOs except for WoW (Enhancement Shaman), did some SWTOR and Wildstar but my guild quickly gave up on those and I was alone. :( Diablo 3 is pretty mellow compared to real MMOs and is an easy one to play for 30 minutes here and there without having to worry about a big group and progression. You just keep looking for gear and see how high of a Greater Rift you can do to try to beat your best score. I think that is why most people like it, it doesn't feel like a job like WoW did.

    Hope to see you around and thanks again for the message!
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