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  • @SimplyPam Thanks again, lol. Of COURSE it's weird you think he's cute, that's the point isn't it!?!?!? Hmmm.... Good food..... Pulled Pork. Favorite dish... probably gonna have to go with Meatloaf, home-made mac and cheese with greenbeans loaded up with bacon and dirt pudding for desert.

    @jbo96 I'd go to SMITE make an account, get the game, load it up and watch the video tutorials. They're very helpful and informative. Additionally, some helpful sites once you know the basics are below.
    Smite Tier List
    SmiteGuru - Home
    I'm here again muaahahaha. Is it weird I find your profile picture adorable? Congrats on ranking up yet again due to that awesome forum acitivty, keep it up! :cupcake: Have a rad day! Good food huh? haha, favorite dish?
    Congrats on your rank up to SGT, I hear smite is a pretty fun game. I am thinking about giving it a try to see if i like it. Do you have a good place to go check out info on it? Thanks for all your hard work!
    Congrats on your promotion to Sergeant! Your moving on up the ladder hope to see you around the forums and teamspeak
    Thanks all for the well wishes. @SimplyPam : My favorite thing about Fever is the culture. It's a combination of the rules and the people. I like the no drama atmosphere but ultimately it's good people that keep that going and keep everyone working together. I've been a little slower on the forums that past couple weeks admittedly but I have been on vacation and helping my roomate fix up his house.
    Excellent work on making SGT! I see you keep activity going in the Smite section and we really appreciate it! Please keep up the good work and you will continue to receive the rank ups like you deserve!
    Faine! Congrats on Sergeant! The activity on the forum is great coming from you! Keep it up! :ghost: Have a nice day! :cupcake: What do you love most about Fever?
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