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  • Thank you Ef Wrath. I don't really know if it's an elite moba game, been playing it for a week. (my first moba style game). I looked at some videos of Smite and it looks pretty cool. Seems very different . I imagine it's worthwhile? Do you think it's harder / easier to get into for a newbie?
    My mains a Barb at the moment... Was leveling a DH but I can't get used to the movement :p Might try Wizard next. ^_^
    Hi! My favorite gods to play are probably Apollo or Bellona, whats yours?
    Honestly, I enjoy playing all the heroes. Well, except maybe Muradin.. I find him boring, but I should get some more playtime on him.
    Hey bro, I main DH/Wiz currently, although I haven't been playing a lot lately due to ping issues specifically from D3. :C
    The game has changed drastically even the last expansion is a big jump from the one before. If you want to play I am on the gilneas server my name!e is maldavis. I will get you in a guild and make an alt to help you lvl I mostly play healers and tanks but will lvl anything.
    I seem to find new fav's all the time. I would say Evolve has been a fav for a while, but since no-one plays on xb1 anymore it's getting dusty lol. Recently started liking Smite x1 beta, I really like infinite chaos ( need friends on that too), have taken a break from eso with all the new releases, recently got forest which is awesome with co-op, looking forward to getting ARK. Sadly my d key broke so fps on pc is really hard to do by hitting the tiny rubber thing under where the key goes, so I've been more on X1 lately.
    Hey, mate. Yeah, it's a cool game, not particularly newb friendly though. Takes a lot of understanding to even be able to really play it. But it's so worth it once you're there!!! Try it out.
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