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  • I saw your message in the clan chat about GW2. We have an in game guild and we have Game Nights every week. Details are here. :)
    Welcome to Fever Dusirt. I do hope you enjoy yourself. Everyone here is awesome and we are all a family. If you ever need something just about everyone who can help will try and help. I guess you play lots of games. Hmm same here so if you want to play together sometime don't hesitate to hit me up. I hope you enjoy yourself in this OUTRAGEOUS gaming community. And im sure you will.
    Hey hey hey! ♥ haha I'm glad. I play League more often than HOTS. I'm actually level 19 (HOTS) and still learning the game and heroes. Meanwhile, on league I enjoy playing everything but top. I do not have Overwatch unfortunately but hopefully someday I get it soon lmao. #brokelife The RPG atm rn that I'm really into is Riders Of Icarus (basically Tera but you can ride dragons). Looking forward to you as well. GLHF :)
    Welcome, Dusirt! My name is Angel and I'm happy to see you've joined the community :D

    I see that you like to play Hearthstone :D I like that game as well! My favorite class to play on there has to be Warlock :) I really love the drawing and the kinds of demons there are to summon. What's your favorite class to play? Is your favorite class the class you play most often in ranked (if you play ranked)? I'll play Warlock in ranked because I feel the most comfortable with it and/or I want to see how well a deck I made up does in competitive play. Do you have any of the new class portraits? I just recently got the refer a friend one and it's pretty cool :D

    If you ever want to play a few matches let me know :D I'd love to join you ^-^ Also, if you need any help with anything, let me know and I'll try to assist you the best I can!

    Angel out =p
    Hey Dusirt! :cupcake:

    I’m iDell and I welcome you to Fever! There are wonderful other gamers for you to meet and game with. I play League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm for the most part but I also play several RPGs. I read that you play Overwatch. I heard that it was a great game with dynamic gameplay. Say hi to me on TS when you can , I love meeting new people :) Once again good luck and have fun. :)
    Hello Dusirt, welcome to Fever

    Let me start to introduce meself, i'm Tigeax but most people just call me Jesse.

    When i looked at your application i saw that you play Smite. Smite is my main game for about 2 years now. What is your favorite god to play? Myself i love to play Nemesis and Bellona. Do you play ranked? If yes what rank are you?
    Also be sure to check out our weekly game nights for smite here.
    If you find me on Teamspeak feel free to hop in.

    If there is anything i can help you with feel free to ask.

    Have a good day.
    Hi Dusirt, welcome to Fever Clan! We have a good group of MOBA players here including a solid base of League of Legend players. I don't play that game anymore, but I noticed that Smite and FFIVX in the list of games you play. I've always been curious about both, but I haven't taken the time to try either yet because I've been doing HS and Diablo 3 when I can.

    What is it about FFIVX that you like? I'm always looking for opinions from fellow clan mates on games to try.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I'll be happy to help where I can.

    Welcome again Dusirt!
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