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  • Hey there, so, when I first joined, there really wasn't much gaming to start off with. Mostly because I'm not avid into competition style games, and that's what most people seem to be into. However, I eventually found a few groups to hang out with, befriend, and join in games. They aren't cliques, but everyone likes different things, so people who like a certain something tend to prosper more with each other than others. People who like Pathfinder/DnD, Games against humanity, Terraria, etc., may hang out with each other more often than those who play Call of Duty, because they met them in their preferred game and play more often than other games. If you'd like to chat and see if we have games we could play with together, let me know in a PM. Have a good one!
    That's just league community don't feel bad, they are extremely toxic!

    I shall so you annie support sometime <3
    I'm sure you aren't as bad as you say :p And even if you were I would still play with you <3 It's all about having fun and being social. So I am not worried in the least ^_^

    I love Annie and Ahri as well when I play mid...well Annie sometimes support xD
    Hey there DragonFang and welcome to the fever Community!

    You are a LoL player eh? Well i see you play lots of Moba's but LoL is the only one I've been able to get into :p

    What is your favourite roll? and some of your favourite champions?

    My favourite role is support followed by Adc or Mumu Jungle xD Sona, Leona, and Miss fortune, and of course mumu are my favs!

    Hopefully we can play sometime together <3 I hope you enjoy your time here!
    Hots player eh? Haven't played that in like 3 weeks! There is always a decent crowd in the teamspeak with hots, and lots of people to contact, maybe even consider making teams, who knows. I have played but recently been on a D3 binge .. hehe.

    What heroes do you throw down with mostly? I may even get back into it, not entirely sure yet, though!

    Check out forums though, totally worth the time and it will get you familiarized with everything here. Cheers!
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