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    May General & Officer Promotions: Congratulations All! MAJ --> LTC Daddyoisme CPT --> MAJ dartak 1LT --> CPT Heyduk 2LT --> 1LT Ian OmegaDir Meowskers Reaper for Life If anything is wrong blame Thundernut <3
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    Title / Job changes

    Removed SunKenRock as Public Relations Coordinator per request Added SunKenRock as Public Relations Member SunKenRock Phoenix_Ace
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    Title / Job changes

    Phoenix_Ace removed as PR coordinator for Youtube and Reddit Phoenix_Ace added as Deputy Head of Public Relations. SunKenRock
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    Title / Job changes

    Shiva removed as Public Relations Assistant Head per request SunKenRock Gizmo256
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    Title / Job changes

    Mass removal of anyone Inactive in PR Dept. They were all given time to reply back and I tried to message them on Discord as well as the forums. If you would like to be added back please message me. Kinta removed as Public Relations Coordinator - Twitch Chaves removed as PR Coordinator - Steam...
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    Title / Job changes

    Removed Niine as PR Director per request Shiva SunKenRock
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    Title / Job changes

    Removed Doiri as Recruiting Director Added Doiri as Intirm Head of Public Relations Gizmo256 Bogo SunKenRock Axle
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    Title / Job changes

    Winterrose added as Recruiting team member
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    Title / Job changes

    Added Demonya as Recruitment Coordinator Kimenu
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    LOA/VO/VM ranks

    Doiri VO->BG Bogo Kimenu
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    Epic Games''' Fortnite HORDE BASH ANNOUNCE By The Fortnite Team The Horde Bash update is coming on Thursday, Oct. 5, and along with some enraged husks, it brings a new mode, new weapons, new Heroes, and more! Challenge The Horde Mode It...
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    Title / Job changes

    Seal added as Graphics Dept. Director Miss Joker Bob_o
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    EA PATCH NOTES 1.4.7

    Epic Games''' Fortnite TLDR: Solder nerf with War Cry + Fight or Flight perk imo: Was way to strong and made it feel worthless to play other classes. Nice change just wish they would buff other classes instead of nerf the only viable pick.
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    Dev Update #2 - Fortnite in the Near Future!
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    PSA: Home Base Reset

    Your home base has been reset in this update. What this means is that when you return to your specific Storm Shield you will notice everything has been reset and all your structures are gone. Yes you will have to rebuilt but everything that was present before the reset has been stored in your...