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  • Congratulations on your rank up Dodosteer! Thank you for contributing to the community. One step at a time and you'll be a high rank soon enough. Keep it up.
    I SEE!! increasing your rank for increasing your army of recruits!! That's awesome!! Keep up the great work and CONGRATS ON RANKUP!!!
    Keep this up and you will Bust through the ranks!!
    So what is YOUR method of recruiting?
    How do you get people to join you here at Fever?
    Anyways keep up the great work its greatly appreciated!! It will never go unnoticed!
    Hey Dodo, I see you have been busy bringing in the numbers. It's the most important thing you can do at Fever and it seems you're doing an excellent job. Are you recruiting in the game you are playing, if so what game. Continue to do the good work that you have been doing and you should climb up the ranks in no time!
    Congratulation on your rank up! Requiting or the clan is the best way to keep this clan going and getting new people in allows for more ideas on how we can improve the clan. once again Congratulation!!
    Hello! Hola! Congrats! Felicidades! Dodoster you're recruiting has given you a promotion, how cool is that! We love to have our members bring new players. Hope you're enjoying your time here at fever :cupcake:

    eat, sleep, game, repeat :ghost:

    Dodo! great work on recruiting! Also, happy belated birthday!!! Keep up the forum activity, hopefully you are liking it here at fever! We havent played any games yet, but im sure i will see you around soon! happy gaming!
    Welcome to Fever Dodoster, I noticed you was on FireLight, I to was on that clan a few years a go back then i went by the handle JonSki. Nice to have you here and hope to see you on SC2 add me up Chronic#993
    Welcome to Fever buddy, If you need any help with anything you can always get ahold of me :)
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