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  • hey.....i'm only slightly lazy!!!........okay....a lot lazy, : ( I fell out of s.c with the S,H patch and bad maps last season trying to get back into sc hopefully i can enjoy the game again and start playing in fsl again!!!!
    Had fun, thanks for hosting! I haven't played SC2 arcade in forever so it was a nice change of pace for me.
    Nice work on the Double Rank-up! You have been really busy with activity and recruitment! We really appreciate all your hard work and we love that you enjoy Fever enough to put all the work into it! Just know that it doesn't go unnoticed!
    Oh, oh! I've been here before, rank up here, rank up there! Bunch of rank ups! Congratsssssss :ghost: Your forum activity is beyond this world, we love having active members! Keep on being awesome :cupcake:
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